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CNC400-D Line rail slant bed CNC lathe - Tailless machine


Product Details

Operating system

SYNTEC(Taiwan), GSK(Guangzhou), KND(Beijing)


The overall structure of the foot is integrated and designed, and it is cast by resin sand. It has small deformation after aging treatment and has high stability and rigidity.
With wire rail, better guiding and rigidity, better precision and precision retention;
The utility model adopts a large inclined plate of 35 degrees, the secondary plate is subjected to secondary aging treatment, and the thermal deformation is small, so that the rigidity of the carriage is more excellent, and the cutting is more stable and powerful;
The use of a fully enclosed protective cover greatly extends the service life of the machine components and ensures the high precision of the machine;
The spindle adopts the spindle unit and is dynamically balanced to increase the spindle speed and improve the roughness of the machined parts.

CNC Processing range

The most suitable processing areas for this machine: aviation equipment, optical precision parts, automotive parts, electronic connectors, advanced button parts, small valves, clock parts, threaded joints, etc. Excellent processing for small parts, precision parts and non-ferrous metals.
Hardware parts: steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum parts
Short shaft, disc parts: precision shaft pin, bushing, main shaft, ring
Precision thread: high-grade threaded joint, precision spindle lock cap, tooth nut


The scope of workMax. turning diametermm420
Max. processing diametermm160
Standard processing diametermm75
Max. workpiece lengthmm200
StrokeMax. Stroke X-axismm800
Max. Stroke Z-axismm550
SpindleSpindle through hole diametermmΦ 49 Φ 140 Spindle unit
Pull tube through hole diametermmΦ 42
FeedFast moving speed X-axismm/min25000
Fast moving speed Z-axismm/min25000
otherSpindle speed ranger/min50-4500
Clamping method-Hydraulic spring collet / Hydraulic chuck (optional)
Tool holder type-Row holder / Electric knife holder / 6-staion turret(optional)
Main motor powerKw5.5 Servo main motor
Dimensions (L × W × H)mm2100 × 1700 × 1750
Weight (about)T2.8